The Topographic Contours Download Tool provides a way to download topographic contour data for Fulton County, Georgia for use in geographic information system (GIS) and CAD software. The data files are provided in ESRI shapefile format. Shapefiles are compatible with a wide range of GIS and CAD software but if necessary can be converted to other formats using any number of free and commercial tools. Due to their volume, the data have been partitioned into tiles as represented by the red lines on the map.

Begin by entering a place keyword in the search box at the top to locate a property on the map. The keyword search may match streets, addresses, subdivisions, landmarks and a number of types of geographic features. You may also find a location by navigating about the map.

See the Help document for more detailed instructions.

The topographic contour data were derived from LIDAR data collected jointly in 2006 by Fulton County and the City of Atlanta. The contours are separated at elevation intervals of 2 feet. The data available here for download have been slightly generalized in order to reduce the size of the files and to improve rendering speed when working with the data in GIS or CAD software. Each contour is tagged with an elevation measured in feet above mean sea level.