The Aerial Imagery Download Tool provides a way to download 2019 aerial imagery data for Fulton County, Georgia for use in geographic information system (GIS) and CAD software. Due to their volume, the data have been partitioned into tiles as represented by the red lines on the map.

Begin by entering a place keyword in the search box at the top to locate a property on the map. The keyword search may match streets, addresses, subdivisions, landmarks and a number of types of geographic features. You may also find a location by navigating about the map.

Once the desired location is found, click on the map to display a popup box. Click the 'Download' link to start the download. The download will generally take less than a minute but will very by internet connection speed.

See the Help document for more detailed instructions.

The aerial imagery available here is made up of a set of individual ortho-rectified images collected in the winter and spring of 2019 and covering the entirety of Fulton County. The data files are provided in JPEG format with a world file (.jgw) for georeferencing.